Five Guest Stars Who Hated Appearing on ‘Seinfeld’

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Imagine if the Simpsons were all horrible freaks with pink skin, no overbites and five fingers on each hand — pretty soon, you might not need to.

The physical characteristics of characters on The Simpsons are the most immediately recognizable of any show in animation history. In other cartoon universes, a person sporting Homer’s pigment of “Metallic Yellow” would have to be portrayed as heavily jaundiced to justify the strange skin tone, and a character with a real-life Caucasian’s pale pink complexion would be rightly reviled by the denizens of Springfield. This coloring decision is an intentional design move to make The Simpsons instantly recognizable and utterly unique, and to remove it would be to remove the series’ soul from its characters’ bodies.

It may seem pretty pointless to criticize the integrity of The Garfield Movie considering that it’s arguably just colorful garbage engineered to distract children for 100 minutes. But upon closer inspection, there seems to be something seriously wrong with this film.

Making Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties look like a brave, uncompromising work of art by comparison, The Garfield Movie is basically one giant commercial. It’s chock-full of product placements for companies such as Walmart, Popchips and The Olive Garden — though, becoming known as the de facto Italian restaurant for flea-ridden pets may not quite be the promotional endgame they were hoping for.