The Final ‘Always Sunny’ Episode Was Planned 10 Years Ago

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Charlie, Mac and Dennis are in agreement on how It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will end, which is probably a bad sign for everyone else.

Sixteen seasons into It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the flagship FX comedy shows no signs of slowing down — well, except for the excruciating multi-year breaks they’ve been taking between seasons. The longest running live-action American sitcom in TV history is currently contracted through Season 18, but nine months after the finale of the most recent season, we still have no idea when we might see the next slate of It’s Always Sunny episodes. In the meantime, the show’s co-creator and star Rob McElhenney has been busy owning and running a Welsh football team, producing and starring in the AppleTV+ show Mythic Quest and, most recently, creating a multifaceted TV, film and sports entertainment company called More Better Industries, which he launched earlier this week.

If you’re both a hypochondriac and an animal lover, I would highly encourage you to skip this one. Hypochondria isn’t something I personally suffer from, but I do have an enduring, horrible curiosity for the worst things that could ever happen to me, which leads to plenty of unwelcome knowledge. Thankfully, I have a platform like Cracked with which to share that information with the wider public. Today’s bit of “oh no” inducing trivia is what exactly the worst possible disease you could unexpectedly catch is, in terms of mortality rate.