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Dan Harmon and the ‘Rick and Morty’ Team Are Making a New Animated Series

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In Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon’s next animated comedy series, most of the characters are going to have some kind of unfinished business. Hopefully the floors will hold them up this time around.

The modern television landscape has been hellish for most aspiring showrunners, especially those with an interest in adult animation. The TV industry as a whole has contracted from the previous era of peak TV into a leaner, more conservative and, frankly, less creative period where profitability demands are more dire than they’ve ever been in the streaming age to the detriment of the more ambitious animation artists. However, thanks to Harmon and a handful of creatives from the Rick and Morty crew, that doesn’t mean that ingenuity in new cartoons is entirely dead — it’s more undead, as is the case with the upcoming Netflix project The Undervale.

This week sees the release of Jim Henson: Idea Man, a critically-acclaimed cinematic tribute to one of the 20th century’s great artists, produced by Disney — even though Henson’s characters arguably keep getting disrespected by Disney.

Everyone has their own personal favorite Muppet. For some, it’s Kermit the Frog. For others, it’s Miss Piggy, or perhaps Gonzo if you’re willing to overlook his career-ruining chicken fetish. But we have to say that the Muppet gang just wouldn’t be the same without Fozzie Bear (originally performed by Franz Oz), the ursine stand-up comedian known for his lovably corny jokes.