A Classic ‘Simpsons’ Episode Was Written as a Tax Write-Off

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Now is a great time to invest in propane and propane accessories, because King of the Hill is coming back. Word came in January that the beloved series, which originally ran from 1997 to 2010, is going to be revived by Hulu, who are apparently collecting canceled Fox cartoons like infinity stones.

We know that original creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, are returning for King of the Hill 2.0, but beyond that, there haven’t been too many details released to the public so far. According to Daniels, the show likely won’t be released until “the beginning of 2025,” but there have been persistent reports that it won’t simply pick up where the original left off.

The ninth season of The Simpsons found Lisa inadvertently digging up what appears to be the skeletal remains of an angel in “Lisa the Skeptic.” Naturally, the surprise discovery sparks an intense theological debate/multiple violent riots within the town of Springfield. In the end, the whole thing turns out to be a publicity stunt for the new “Heavenly Hills” shopping mall, but no one’s all that upset because, after all, what’s religion compared to Pottery Barn and 20 percent off rat spray?

So what inspired this oddly specific plot line? An old movie? A classic TV show? Perhaps some obscure real life incident where a Holy relic was later revealed to be a sketchy corporate ruse? No, apparently the seeds of the idea came from good old fashioned not wanting to pay taxes.