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Bob Odenkirk Says ‘They Shouldn’t Have Put Me on ‘Breaking Bad’’

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Monday pitch sessions at Saturday Night Live aren’t always the fast-paced, comedy-rich idea factories you might imagine. After partying into the wee hours of a Sunday morning, cast members don’t always have a bag full of fresh sketch ideas to share. That’s how you get comics offering desperate bullshit while searching for an actual idea. 

“I realized a couple months in there was the art of the fake pitch,” Jay Mohr once said.Kevin Nealon and Norm Macdonald, it was like a contest every week to see who could come up with the fuckin’ weirdest fake pitch that the host believed was actually happening.”

Pop culture historian Tony Hawk just couldn’t figure something out as he figuratively skateboarded past Bob Odenkirk on his Hawk Vs. Wolf podcast. Odenkirk’s early career was stuffed with Second CitySaturday Night LiveThe Ben Stiller Show and Mr. Show. “You’re doing all this, and it’s all comedy all the time,” Hawk said. “And I don’t know what the transitional phase (to drama) is.” 

That’s because there was no transition, insisted Odenkirk. None of it made sense! “They shouldn't have put me on Breaking Bad. I did nothing to earn it.”