5 Comedians Who Quit While They Were Ahead

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It’s not the first time Robin Williams has been accused of borrowing a punchline, but Joe Rogan put the legendary comic on blast this week nonetheless. On his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan refused to cut the late comedian any slack when guest Harland Williams (no relation) suggested that Robin was possibly “just so spontaneous, he would just like puke (other comics’ jokes) out.”  

Rogan believes those borrowed bits were no accident: “I think (Robin) wanted to kill more than he wanted to be ethical at any cost.” 

Dr Pepper may be America’s second-favorite soda, but it’s definitely the most haunted. When the Dr Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute (they just call it the Dr Pepper Museum now for some reason) in Waco, Texas underwent a makeover in 2021, one of the new offerings was a “paranormal experience” that’s still available as we type. That’s right: A suspiciously unnamed “team of professional investigators deemed it haunted based on the evidence they found,” per one spokesperson. But while it may be the only officially branded soda ghost tour, it’s also the most half-assed.